Service Catalogue

  • ♦ Article editing
    This is our most popular service, and is available at the "Advanced" or "Premium" levels (click here to compare them). Choose this service to edit, proofread, and format your manuscript for submission to a conference/research journal or as a book chapter, thesis, or essay. Subject-specific conventions are observed and formatting is applied according to your specific conference or journal requirements. Reference, table, and figure editing are included depending on the service level selected.
  • ♦ Plain-language summaries and news/press releases
    We review your manuscript and summarize it to maximize impact. We achieve your specified word length limit using language that caters to non-technical or general audiences.

    This service is often appropriate when preparing descriptions of your research for use on websites or for syndication in public media such as newspaper or magazine articles, press releases, and marketing materials.
  • ♦ Abstract preparation
    Apart from the title, the abstract is often the only part of your article that prospective readers see when deciding whether to read further. However, writing an outstanding abstract is an art.

    In this service, we review your manuscript carefully to generate a well-composed, engaging abstract that targets your technical audience and meets the specific guidelines of your intended journal.
  • ♦ Reponse letter checks and journal/editor rebuttals
    During the journal submission process, it is essential that your responses to referee comments and questions are succinct, professional, clear, and incisive. How you reply and explain your revisions or defend your decisions can determine acceptance or rejection of your paper. An effective response letter can expedite the iterative peer review process so that your article can reach the publication stage more quickly.

    In this service, we review your original and revised manuscript versions and consider your responses relative to the referees' comments. This ensures that all referee/editor comments have been addressed in your response letter and that all required changes to your manuscript have been considered before you respond with your revised paper.